Why Financial Literacy?

Financial Literacy has never been more important in an increasingly complex world. Smart financial decision-making can lead to long term economic success, wealth building, and, most of all, happiness. Regrettably, most Americans receive little to no education in financial literacy, leading to missed opportunities, lack of savings, and exposure to predatory financial practices.

About The Course

This free course arms students with important knowledge to make educated decisions regarding money. Students explore different attitudes and ways to think about money and examine real-world scenarios to better understand their financial options and recognize predatory practices. Students also hear from business leaders of diverse backgrounds who speak to the importance of finance in their lives, and how they have used financial knowledge to help them succeed.

The course is conducted through weekly Zoom classes over the course of 6 weeks. Classes are scheduled to fit student availability. Make up sessions will be available to ensure that students have access to all information and do not miss important lessons. The instructor will begin the course with an introduction to fundamental concepts regarding money and adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of the students as their financial literacy and interests evolve.

By the end of the program, students will understand how to approach financial decision-making with greater confidence, whether they wish to save up for a new PlayStation, maximize profit from their start-up business, create a new venture, or just want to know how to best save extra money they have earned. Students' confidence in financial decision-making rose 63% based on their feedback!

The course can be tailored for specific organizations, as we have done for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Coastal and Northern New Jersey, and can also be delivered to students who have signed up independently.

About Us

Jason Lefkort

Creator, Teacher

Hi! I am a High School Senior from New Jersey interested in Finance, Economics, and Business. Since the Fall of 2019, I have been teaching financial literacy at Family Connections, a leading New Jersey non-profit that supports children, adults, and families facing tough challenges. Additionally, as president of my school's credit union, I promote financial literacy and low-cost financial products to our whole community: students, parents, and staff. I created "Think Dollars & Sense" to help more people learn how to better manage their money, develop greater self-confidence, avoid financial exploitation, and realize their goals. Together, we can achieve financial success!

Chris Ticas

Media Director

I am a High School Senior at the Pingry School. I love photography and graphic design. My favorite thing to do is use my drone to take amazing pictures of sunsets! As the Media Director of Think Dollars & Sense, I have created the logo, helped with the website design, and edited interview videos. I hope you enjoy my work as you are working to achieve financial success!

Student Testimonials

Students' confidence in financial decision-making
rose 63% based on their feedback!

“It’s something that I will remember and actually apply.” - Precious

“It was amazing how Jason made the concepts so easy to understand.” - Zuhro

“I learned many things from the course. I was scared when we
started but now I’m not because it was fun. I like it and
it was very cool. I’m going to miss it.” - Josiah

“It helped me gain insight on how the world runs and it helped
me gain some new vocabulary. “ - Zuhro

“When my mom first asked me if I wanted to do this course I was quick
to turn her down, she still made me do it. … at the end of the day I
learned more than expected.” - Alexis

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Lesson 2: Interest

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